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Below is a structural comparison of construction standards.

N.Y. Code vs. H.U.D. Code

Structural Design Requirements: Site Built & (§)Modular/NY Code: Double Wide/HUD Code:
Live Load Minimum, Wind Load Horizontal, 10psf More (Horizontal, 15psf)
Live Load Minimum, Roof Load Snow/live, per zone map NYCRR Per zone map, HUD
Floor Distribution Load Live, 40psf (§ Floor system may be wood w/removable steel frame carrier or wood w/non-removable steel framt that is permanent part of home) Same, (Floor system wood witn non-removable steel frame that is permanent part of home)
Load Deflections (Max.), Floors Unplastered, 1/240 span Same
Load Deflections (Max.), Roof Unplastered, 1/180 span.
Wall stud & roof rafter spacing 24"
More wall stud & roof rafter spacing 16"
Windstorm Protection: Siding & Overturn Standard Methods More, designed provisions for support & anchoring
Windstorm Protection: Resistance to Weather Exterior cover materials & construction duly tested for resistance to elements & use. Same
Structural Tests Assemblies not subject to engineering design, are tested per appropriate Code. Same
Fire Safety: Interior Finish Flame spread rating not exceeding 200 Same
Fire Safety: Furnace, Water Heater & Cooking Range Areas Combustible surfaces not to exceed surface temperature of 175° More (special protection with gypsum/asbestos/sheet metal)
Fire Safety: Smoke Detection One @ sleeping area, one inside each sleeping room. Less one per sleeping area.
Heating System § May be factory installed or completed on site. Factory Installed.
Exit Facilities (Minimum):
Exterior Door
One More, two.
Exit Facilities: Egress One per habitable area. Same.
Structural Design Requirements: Site Built & Modular/NY Code: Double Wide/HUD Code:
Appliances With or without appliances. Same.
Space Planning (Min. Req.): Overall Floor Area Not specified. Same
Space Planning (Min.Req.): Size of Rooms At least one habitable area of 150 sq.ft. All others expect kitchen, 80 sq.ft. At least one living area of 150 sq. ft. Bedroom minimum of 50 sq. ft. if single occupied, 70 sq. ft. for double.
Kitchen Cabinets § May be installed or completed on site. Kitchen cabinets and carpets factory installed.
Ceiling Height 7½ ft., except if sloped roof, it can be 7 ft. if 50% of ceiling area is 7½ ft. Less, 7 ft. minimum
Hallways Not specified. Minimum 28" wide.
Walls May be finished or pre-prepared dry wall. Same
Light & Ventilation (Min.): Glazed Area 8% Same
Light & Ventilation (Min.): Unobstructed Area 4% Same
Light & Ventilation (Min.): Mechanical Ventilation Per ASNI 62-89 and 62a-1990 Habitable: 2 air changes/hour.
Bath: 5 air changes/hour.
Thermal Protection Equipment & insulation to provide 68° inside temperature during winter months. More (equipment & insulation to maintain 70° inside temperature during winter months)
Windows To meet envelop thermal heat loss requirements, usually thermopane. Same.
Plumbing Material Water supply: galvanized or copper pipe.
Drain/vent: all types.
Water supply: galvanized, copper or PVC.
Drain/vent: all types.
Construction & Safety Accepted methods. Same.
Testing & Inspections Only local inspection required. Testing & inspection required during production.
Electrical: Material Acceptable under NEC. Same.
Electrical: Construction & System NEC Standards. More testing & inspections are required during production.
Transportation & Sales NYS Code does not regulate transportation or sales. Designed to fully withstand shocks & vibrations during transportation. HUD regulates transportation & sales.
Design Evaluations Site-built residence not necessarily designed or checked by professionals. More (designed by professional Engineers/Architects and checked by independent professionals).
Inspections During Construction Local inspections only.
§ Factory & local inspections.

§ Denotes modular homes only.

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